Cosmic Creating Show

Cosmic Creating Show
Host: Jan Shaw "The Success Alchemist"

The Success Alchemist

Intuitive Success Coach, Success Strategist and Mindset and Manifestation Mentor

Hi! My name is Jan Shaw, and I’m known as The Success Alchemist because I offer an unbeatable combination of Mindset, Strategy, and Universal Laws of Success to help you create Unlimited Success in life and business.

With nearly 40 years’ experience in business and marketing and having studied personality, NLP, psychology, metaphysics, and spirituality, as a certified life and executive coach I provide a holistic and integrated approach to life and business.

As a coach, mentor, trainer, and writer with a wealth of business and life experience and a record of stepping boldly outside the box to achieve the impossible, I can help you succeed in creating the life you’ve been dreaming of but haven’t yet achieved. I am a creative ideas person with innovative ways of helping you achieve your goals and the big vision for your life.



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