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Want to host your own online radio show, without fees, no producer needed & nothing complicated to learn? Alternative Reality Radio has 24/7 broadcasting with permanent & guest show spaces available.
  • Live 24/7 listener chat room
  • Live and pre-recorded show options
  • Live cellphone broadcast show options if needed
  • Ability to broadcast audio from Skype/Zoom calls
  • Free station Skype acct with unlimited cellphone/landline minutes
  • Listener call-in phone line
  • Free show/host web page created on www.AlternativeRealityRadio.com
  • Shows automatically recorded/archived to Alternative Reality Radio YouTube channel
  • 100% Free - No sign-up or hosting fees
  • Shows are also uploaded/available on popular podcast platforms: Apple Podcast, Spotify, Acast, Stitcher, TuneIn & Pocket Casts
Show host(s) have the option to either broadcast live shows directly from their computers/cellphones or submit a pre-recorded audio file for future broadcast. Both audio & video can be submitted for shows (example YouTube/Skype/Zoom video) audio will be extracted then broadcast while any included video will be uploaded & made available on the host(s) Alternative Reality Radio web page for viewing.

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This radio station is funded by:

Shungite Reality Foundation 501(C)(3) non-profit