The Shungite Show

The Shungite Show
Hosts: Nancy L. Hopkins & Derek Condit
Discussions related to the miracle mineral Shungite & how it's helping to
Save The Bees!
The “Shungite Radio Show” with Nancy Hopkins and Derek Condit discusses the science and metaphysics of Shungite; Shungite devices and products produced by Cosmic Reality LLC; customer testimonials; and answers questions from customers, Facebook Groups and radio show listeners.

Shungite is a composite mineral deposit originating in interstellar space that crashed into Earth 2.5 billion years ago. Shungite has a long history of purifying the lakes and waters running through and around the “Mother Lode” in the far western Russian Republic of Karelia, as well as those waters being healing. 

The proliferation of the use of chemical toxins, increase in nuclear radiation along with the spread of telecommunications systems and their continual upgrading to more power coincides with the decimation of the Insect World. All of the possible sources killing the insects have been mitigated by Shungite and Shungite Energy Devices. 

Since 2017 Shungite has been introduced to honey bee hives throughout the world. “Shungite Bees” are proving to reproduce at astounding rates and are not dying from pests, disease or Colony Collapse Disorder. Shungite offers the potential of stopping the collapse of the Insect World and the entire biosphere of Life as we know it.

And as shown with the Shungite Bees, humans, pets, plants and water all benefit from our understanding of Shungite Science and how to make energy devices to capitalize on the many gifts Shungite affords us for creating a new Alternative Reality.
Shungite Bees

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